Getting Started

Getting Started


You know you want to be smarter about your financial future, but how do you start?

Work with financial advisor Laura Duff to help you plan efficiently and work towards reaching your goals.  For anyone planning out their finances, here’s her advice on getting started:

        -Write down your goals and steps for reaching them. 

How are you able to invest wisely without a specific end goal? Do you have a  written plan  that helps you focus and efficiently work towards your goals?

        -Have a kitchen table chat. 

It can be uncomfortable talking about money, budgeting and if needed making sacrifices.   

Gather your family and discuss your goals and future plans for your money.  Especially if you’re working on your estate, explain to your beneficiaries your wishes, so everyone is on the same page.   

        -Discuss your goals with a financial advisor.

Once Laura understands each area of your finances, she’ll be able to provide you better options to choose from.  Investment planning is her passion. If she understands your goals, she’s able to take actions that will help you reach them.

Are you ready to meet with a financial advisor?  Learn more about Laura Duff and contact her today to set up an appointment.  

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