Laura Duff, Financial Advisor

As your stage of life continues to change, so do your finances and financial goals.  It’s never too early to begin planning your financial future. 

If you’re handling life altering events or planning for the future, Laura Duff, financial advisor is here to assist you.  Her financial services can help you reach your goals. 


  • Investment Management

  • Retirement Planning

  • College Savings Plans 

  • Access to Credit and Lending Options through Wells Fargo Affiliates

  • Estate and Trust Planning

  • Year-End Tax Strategies 


Money is a common thread throughout every life event.  It’s always involved which is why it’s important to have goals and a plan set in place. Many are too afraid to ask for assistance or to even talk with their loved ones about money issues.  Do you have questions like these?

  • How do I ensure I won’t outlive my savings?
  • Will I have enough money to do everything I want to do? (travel, lifestyle, children etc.)
  • What can I do to ensure we’ll have enough for our child’s college and other school costs? 
  • Am I doing enough right now to prepare for the future? 
  • How do I make sure my lifestyle doesn’t change when I retire?

These types of questions are common.  If you have these financial questions or others, understand your conversation with Laura will remain confidential.  She is able to better advise you the more information you give about your financial situation and goals. 

Are you ready to improve your finances and reach your long-term financial goals? Here’s how to get started!


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